Types of Keys

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There are various keys that people use for the security of their businesses, homes, and cars. Keys are special; they only open a specific lock and you cannot insert it in another lock. It is vital to understand the type of keys you use to ensure the services you need from a locksmith.

Transponder Keys

They are also known as chip car keys because they contain a chip inserted inside the plastic part of the car key. The tiny microchip is programmed to the car, and thus it cannot be used for any other vehicle. They are the best keys to use in case you want an anti-theft system because they cannot be easily duplicated.

Key Card

They are small and flat types of keys mostly made of plastic; they are similar to credit cards in appearance. They contain a microchip that is used to open doors, mostly in hotels and government offices. They are used to restrict access to certain areas.

Paracentric Key

They are used to open paracentric locks; they are recognized by the contorted blade shape. They contain small teeth. They are mostly used in prisons because it is almost impossible to pick these kinds of locks.

Dimple Key

They derive their name from the cone-shaped dimple. Unlike other keys in this list, they are simple to use. All you need to do is ensure that you align the dimples of the key with the lock, and the locks will open. They have the same pattern on both sides; thus, you don’t have to worry about the right side to insert in the lock.

Four-sided/double Key

These keys have two or four sets of teeth which makes them durable and harder to replicate. Thus, when you choose these keys, you are guaranteed extra security because they deter thieves as they are hard to pick.

Abloy Key

The keys rotate the disk-like a tumbler and align them into place so that the lock can open. They are springless, and they are among the most complicated locks to pick. So when you use Abloy keys, you are guaranteed of a safe home or business.


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