Tips To Prevent Home Burglary

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A break-in can happen to anyone and at any time without your knowledge. Most break-in occurs during summer when most people are on vacation enjoying the summer sunlight from wherever they are. 

Even though a home security alarm is an effective deterrent, it does not guarantee that your home will not be the target for burglars. Below are some of the tips that may help you prevent home burglary.

Always Lock All Doors and Windows

This is quite obvious, but most people do not consider this, especially when they are indoors. Make sure to always lock your doors and windows even if you want to leave the house briefly. This will give a burglar no chance to sneak in while you are caught unawares.

Trim Shrubs and Bushes

If shrubs and bushes surround your home area, you need to trim them off. A considerable number of burglars first hide in these areas as they plan on how they will enter your home. Also, make sure to avoid hiding your spare keys in such areas if you have to hide one around your compounds.

Always Change Locks in New Homes

If you happen to move, always make sure you change the locks for that particular house. You do not want the former tenant working around with a spare that can open the doors to your home. This also applies to scenarios where you lose your key. You better change those locks.

Avoid Daily Deliveries While Away

Make arrangements with the Post Office before you leave to hold your mail until you get back. Alternatively, you can organize with your neighbor, friend, or a relative of yours to take them regularly on your behalf until you are back. It is quite easy for a burglar to act as a mail person to get access to our beautiful home.

Avoid Putting Valuables In an Easy-Carry Case

Opting for a wall safe is way better than an easy-carry case. This makes it easier for someone to break in and steal your portable case and go try opening it from elsewhere. If you do not wish to get a wall safe, you can rent a lockbox at a bank of your choice.


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