Things to Do During a Car Lockout

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Car lockouts are frustrating because, in most cases, they happen when you have appointments or you are running late for work. Apart from ruining your day’s schedule, car lockouts may cause you losses and expose you to many dangers and risks. 

Various scenarios may result in a car lockout:

Losing car keys

Locking the keys inside the vehicle

Breaking keys

Broken door locks

So what should you do in case you are locked out of your car and need assistance urgently?


It is important to note that once you replace car keys, the old ones become useless because they cannot operate your car even if you find them later on. So when you misplace or lose your car keys, remain calm and retrace your steps and ensure you cover all the possible areas you may have placed them. If you still can’t find them after all your effort, you can now be sure that they are lost.

Spare keys

Spare car keys come in handy when you lose the original car keys. Therefore, when you experience car lockouts and have spare car keys, you can access them and use them to operate the car. 

As a car owner, always ensure that you place your spare car keys in a safe, accessible place. That way, you can easily access them or send someone to retrieve them for you when you experience car lockouts.

DIY Methods

There are various do-it-yourself methods that you can use to open your car door when you lock the keys inside it. However, these methods require various tools such as cloth hangers, rods, and screwdrivers, which you may not have access to. Additionally, if you don’t have the necessary skills, you may end up destroying your door locks or taking too long to unlock the door.

Call Professionals

Professional locksmiths will offer you a solution for all car lock-out issues. They are trained and experienced; thus, they will take a short time to solve your problem, and they can have you behind your wheel in no time.


Pro Locksmith Dayton is the number one company that is trustworthy and committed to solving all your car lockout issues. Our auto locksmiths are highly trained in key cutting and programming; thus, they will repair your broken car keys or replace your lost car keys in no time. Call us anytime you experience emergency key issues, and we will be ready to assist.

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