Reasons Why You Need a Business Video Surveillance

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Do you feel like your business needs an extra layer of protection? Have you ever felt unsure about what you see on the footage because it is too grainy or blurry? Are there times that people have broken in and stolen things, but nobody noticed until later? If so, a surveillance system might be just what your company needs.  Here are reasons why video surveillance is essential for any business owner.

Provides Peace of Mind For Employees

If you have an employee who feels unsafe coming into work every day, installing cameras throughout your building may give them some comfort knowing their surroundings are monitored 24/hrs a day. This security system could help make sure nobody enters without permission and updates everyone on what’s going on with everything that’s happening.

It Helps Reduce Liability Claims 

Having video footage will show just how much care is taken when handling merchandise and during every phase of receiving orders at your company. The videos taken could present irrefutable evidence should there ever be a claim against you for damages incurred by mishandling.     

Prevent Harassment Claims

Using video footage as a training tool, you’re putting your staff on notice that they are being watched and know the consequences of misbehavior or breaking company policy. For example, if an employee misbehaves on camera, show them the recording to remind them that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in their workplace. 

It could even prevent future claims for sexual harassment if it’s caught quickly enough before coworkers complain about how they felt violated or threatened by such actions.

Boosts Already Existing Security Measures

Besides having good locks for your business,  a video recording is an excellent way to have an additional layer of security. Your business needs to be extra careful if it stores financial information, customer data, or trade secrets on computers and in the cloud. 

Video surveillance can also help you detect break-ins quickly so that your staff has time to react before any more damage occurs. That includes fires too!


With so many threats today, it’s essential to have a business video surveillance system. The most important thing is to protect your investment by making sure that it’s safe. Having good locks acts as an additional security measure for your business. Let Pro Locksmith Dayton show you how easy it is to install these systems today!

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