Mechanical Locks vs. Electronic Locks

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When it comes to your home, business, or car, you should ensure that you select the best locks that can guarantee the safety of your loved ones and property. Both mechanical and electronic locks have strengths and weaknesses that you should know to make an informed decision.

Types of mechanical locks


Mortise lock

Cylinder lock

Spring lock


Cam locks

Mechanical locks are the traditional locks that we use to secure our homes and offices. Although they are affordable and the installation process is not complicated, they have a few cons.

Pros of Mechanical Locks

They are reliable and durable

They do not require electricity to lock or unlock

They are weatherproof

They are easy to operate

They are affordable

Cons of Mechanical Locks

They do not keep track of when a person entered

They require keys to operate

In case you lose keys, you will be forced to change multiple locks

Types of Electronic Locks

Key fobs or key cards

Biometric locks

Coded entry locks

Smartphone operated locks

Pros of Electronic Locks

They have increased combinations, thus they offer a higher level of security for homes, cars, and businesses.

It contains a log of who opened the lock and when it was opened; thus, they deter internal and external thieves.

You can change or add the combinations easily.

They are tough to crack, so they discourage burglars.

Cons of Electronic Locks

They require electricity to operate

They may require multiple battery changes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Mechanical or Electronic Doors


Always choose a lock you can afford to install and maintain. Consult a locksmith regarding the various locks available and select the one you can afford.

Security Level Needed

External doors require a high level of security, while internal doors require a minimum level. Thus, you must ensure that your exterior doors have various security locks for increased security levels.


Whether you choose electronic or mechanical locks, it is crucial to work with the best locksmith company to guarantee high-quality results. Pro Locksmith Dayton is the best locksmith company in the industry because we go over and beyond your expectations. We offer high-quality mechanical and electronic locks that secure your home, car, or office from thieves. Give us a call today and enjoy high-quality, professional services that are convenient and affordable.

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