Locksmith vs. Car Dealership

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People face various car key issues ranging from lost keys, broken car keys, and other car lock-out issues. The best step when this happens is to call car key professionals for assistance. Are you wondering whether you should call a locksmith or a car dealership when you need help? The following advantages will have you choose the best option.


Locksmiths are more convenient than car dealerships. When you reach out to car dealers for help, you must tow your car to their site so that they offer you a solution. However, when you call a locksmith company, a professional automotive locksmith will be sent to your location to solve your problem on-site, saving time and money.


Although a car dealership charges less for a new key, the total cost for the whole process is higher due to the towing fees you will pay. However, auto locksmiths come to your location and solve your car key problem as you wait, so you will pay less when you choose a locksmith over a car dealership. 


Auto locksmiths are efficient and timely. Therefore, when you call them for car key emergencies, they will be in your location in a matter of minutes, ready to offer you the solutions you need. However, you must tow your car to a dealership, and due to the many activities they are involved in , you will have to wait before they can attend to your needs.


Many people assume that car dealerships are the best option because they have all the necessary tools, but this is not the case. Professional locksmiths are trained in using top-notch key cutting and programming equipment, and thus they can serve you fast and efficiently.  Do not hesitate to reach out to a professional locksmith even if your car keys require special key cutting equipment.


Locksmiths specialize in key cutting and programming services. However, dealerships have many issues related to various car parts to deal with. Therefore, you will have to wait before they can attend to you. On the other hand, locksmiths have the training and experience; thus, they will solve your car key issues fast and efficiently.

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